Evelyn Babcock

Evelyn Babcock


Bachelor of Arts, The Colorado College Delta Gamma Sorority Phi Beta Kappa Honorary
Harvard-Radcliffe Graduate Program in Business Administration
Juris Doctor, University of Nebraska College of Law

Employment Experience

Radcliffe College Appointment Bureau Assistant Director
IBM Corporation Systems Representative
Nebraska Attorney at Law 20 Years Private Practitioner


Nebraska Bar Association, License #19690 Nebraska Advocacy Services, Past Board Member Nebraska Society for Autistic Children, Past President


Evelyn’s appreciation of adoption comes from personal experience. At six years old, she was the youngest of five children living on a farm in northeast Nebraska, when her mom died. After her mom’s death, Evelyn was raised by her aunt and uncle in Colorado. Before open adoption became a term in adoption vernacular, Evelyn lived an open adoption, since her aunt and uncle preserved her relationship with her siblings and her father, through continued contact and regular visits.
In addition to her personal appreciation of the emotional aspects of adoption, Evelyn has a deep appreciation of the varied and rich hues of family dynamics that arise in life. Evelyn’s first husband brought two children from his first marriage. She then gave birth to two sons and two daughters. Evelyn learned first-hand about the medical, legal and emotional challenges that come with a special needs child. Her second son, Ed, after years of inexplicable behaviors was finally diagnosed as autistic. After her first husband died, Evelyn gained another family when she married a wonderful widower who had four adult children.
When she isn’t practicing law, Evelyn enjoys cooking, spending time fishing at the cabin, and is an active member of her church.

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